i hate exams.

And no, i’m saying this in a way that it’s just annoying that i have to revise and study and all those shit or because i dont get to sleep more, or watch that extra hour of tv.

because to me, they bring more then just that. it’s always that time of the year, that i get so freaked out and scared and helpless. and no matter how much i’ve crammed, i still feel its never going to be enough. what if the exam tests this? or that? shit.

maybe it’s because i’ve failed once, and it was a horrible place that i never want to go there again. So i let my thoughts run wild, trying to come up with the weirdest, hardest, craziest questions that the exam might test. and then i’ll start panicking, and then drive myself crazy and then i’ll sit at the corner of my room and start tearing. i can’t help it.

And how can i possibly not be stressed? i have parents who are without fail telling me to study hard with every phone call, and not let history repeat. i really dont wanna disappoint them, after all the resources and time they’ve spent on me. so tell me, how can i not be stressed?

I’m have another 3 more periods of exams and i don’t know if i would have gone crazy by then. People say schooling is the best years of your life. and you know what, for now, i can’t wait to work, here’s why.


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